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Your Absolute Best:  Heighten your acting performance though the modality of music.  This interactive workshop is designed for actors and directors.  It was well received at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival as a workshop and it is the technique I use in rehearsal in my films.

Storytelling for the Screen:
  “I’ve got a fabulous idea for a film!” ... I hear this often enough to propose a workshop to help you formulate an idea into a screenplay. The workshop covers original ideas as well as adapted works.

Directing Your Life:  Create and check off items on your “Bucket List” that you want to accomplish.  A great workshop whether you are in the entertainment field, freelancing, or find yourself in a personal or professional transition.

Cut to the Chaise Lounge:  Rest and renewal?  What’s that?  Strategize your thinking and actions to create and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  This is offered for a general audience and those in the entertainment industry.

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Director, writer and producer Jessika Satori is CEO of Audacious Aperture, a film production company. 

As an entrepreneur and educator, she has taught in the USA and globally in business and creativity.

She has worked with Hollywood veterans such as Screenwriter Stewart Stern  (Rebel Without A Cause, Sybil), DP Dan Kneece, founder of the Steadicam Guild and who has worked with directors such as David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino, and Ron Vidor, co-founder of the Society of Camera Operators and Camera Operator on such projects as Stand By Me and Romancing the Stone.

Action on Film Festival 2013
All That We See or Seem

Action on Film Festival 2012
Winner of 4 Awards

3 awards

Winner: WITHOUT A BOX Best Script
Winner: Best Composition
Runner Up: Best Short Dramatic Script
Runner Up: Best Dialogue (1880's period piece)


Poppy Jasper Film Festival 2012

Interviewing Hollywood composer
Harry Manfredini